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Visionary Designs & ADA-Compliant Spaces by R&D

R&D Design Group: Pioneering Visionary Designs & ADA-Compliant Spaces for Modern Living

The design world has witnessed a seismic shift in design approach, and R&D Design Group prevails at the forefront, heralding their unmatched expertise in the specialized areas of Zoning, Efficiency of Design, Handicapped Accessibility, and overall concern for their client’s interest. Recognized for their unique ability to integrate beauty and function, R&D performs at the highest industry standards by emphasizing the importance of efficiency and safety.

R&D Design Group masterfully transforms challenging, irregular sites into design masterpieces. Their visionary designs turn bare landscapes into inspiring spaces, from Religious Institutions and Multifamily Dwellings to both traditional and ultra-modern homes. With an aptitude for maximizing space and increasing saleable square footage, the group boosts ROI for a range of projects, including commercial buildings, homes, apartments, and condominiums.

Beyond design, R&D possesses expertise in zoning evaluation and maximizing development potential. In the words of the R&D Principle.

“Saleable area and FAR are the queen and kings of our design”.

They also excel in renovating historical structures, marrying old-world charm with contemporary nuances. Their comprehensive grasp of code regulations simplifies the approval process, reinforcing R&D's commitment to design, functionality, and compliance.

Similarly, in the realm of handicapped accessibility, R&D showcases their exceptional skills, crafting spaces that are inclusive and accessible. In an era where inclusivity is the most important, their dedication to creating spaces that accommodate everyone showcases their forward-thinking approach.

Additionally, their meticulous evaluation processes regarding code analysis ensure that both the properties under construction and the properties adjacent do not compromise the interest of the client. This is especially vital when considering attached structures on either side of a project. With this focus, R&D Design Group proactively helps their clients to steer clear from any risks of lawsuits, by prioritizing the protection and concern of all structures involved.

Offering a holistic range of services, R&D Design Group operates across the East Coast's pivotal regions. R&D Design Group, with their expertise and their strategic alliances, promise comprehensive design solutions. With compelling professional experience of over 60 years, the firm's partners are equipped with profound knowledge across the vast spectrum of design, making them an undeniable force in the industry.

The cornerstone of R&D's success lies in their relentless commitment to excellence. Their deep understanding of design's dual nature—combining art with pragmatic functionality—has established them as industry leaders.

About R&D Design Group:

An innovative design consulting firm, R&D Design Group offers an extensive suite of design consulting services across the East Coast. With an illustrious legacy spanning over decades, they are the confluence of aesthetic brilliance and functional mastery, catering to multi-residential, commercial, grand traditional and ultra modern structures.


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