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Meet our Team

With over 23 years of experience in design field, Daniel has extensive expertise in all stages of the design process, project management, and construction. Daniel's Design was nominated for 2006 SAM Award for Best New Multi-Family Design. Daniel is considered an expert in Zoning, Building, Affordable Housing, Handicapped Accessibility and Energy Codes and provides consultation services to other Architects, Developers and Engineers.

Daniel Vitenson


Brent M. Porter, AIA, Professor of Architecture at Pratt Institute, who retired after  47 years, received the Distinguished Teacher’s award in 2005. Licensed in New York and New Jersey, Brent began practice in 1982 d/b/a Brent M. Porter, Architect, & Associates. Brent received his Bachelor of Architecture from the University of Kansas when, as an undergraduate, he was elected national vice president of student AIA. He then earned his Master of Science in Architecture from Pennsylvania State University. Brent has extensive experience in renovating and restoring  townhouses, brownstones and restaurants. In addition to the design and construction of housing and commercial facilities, Brent has special interests in NYC’s Landmarks and in Solar Access. He has consulted on visionary projects with Timeship headed by Stephen Valentine. Brent has worked both as an educator and architectural consultant for projects in Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, India, Japan, Peru and Denmark.

Architect and Partner

Brent M. Porter
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Rafael works in Architectural, Design Build and Construction Firm Servicing. Winner of the MIT Architectural design award, Rafael obtained his Architectural License in 1984 and has been specializing in Medical Centers and Radiology including Linear Accelerator, MRI, CT Scan and Nuclear Medicine, stand-alone buildings and Centers within Hospitals, new and renovated apartment buildings, commercial projects ranging from  mixed use structures to retail properties. Client base also includes Single Family and Multi-Residential buildings. Led various service teams ranging in size, including architectural, engineering, construction and administrative professionals. During this time, conducted real estate investment and small residential real estate development.

Rafael Danon


With over 20 years experience in various projects and constructions on luxury houses, home units, industrial and commercial buildings, urban design, heritage conservation, and defence-listed sites, Anri brings expertise in both interior, and exterior design. His work ethic encompasses attention to detail, problem solving skills, and project accuracy of highest standards. Anri's professional experience is a great asset to R&D's success.


Anri Gordeladze

With over 5 years experience in various commercial and residential projects in the NYC and NJ area, Boram's precise working style and knowledge regarding DOB codes not only perfects the completion of a project, but also upgrades the project in the timeline.



Boram Park
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